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Success Requires Burning a Few Bridges

TEDxDetroit talk delivered at the Music Hall on Oct. 26, 2022.

Conventional wisdom tells us never to burn bridges as we may need to cross them again. There are defining moments that require bucking convention to succeed. Knowing when and how to strategically burn bridges without harming yourself is necessary to create the success and the life you want.

This talk now appears on the TEDx global YouTube Channel.

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My name is Renée T. Walker!

For more than 30 years, I honed my brand, marketing, leadership and communication expertise through executive positions with multimillion and billion-dollar brands in the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have consistently challenged the status quo and strategically navigated the obstacles and barriers that hindered my success. Now, as a trusted advisor and strategist, I help companies, CEOs and senior executives solve complex communications challenges, inspire innovation and achieve greater success.

My conversational style and real-world examples blend together into powerful, thought-provoking content-rich keynote addresses and transformative programs that ignite audiences to immediate action, helping to fuel results. LEARN MORE ABOUT ME.

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Challenging the status quo ignites ideation, innovation and ingenuity to explore the boundless possibilities and infinite opportunities presented to each of us in our pursuit of the life and success we desire. – Renée T. Walker

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