Customer service is personal for your clients and customers. There are many benefits when businesses provided exceptional, excellent or even good, customer service. Yet, many business owners don’t consistently focus, monitor or improve their customer service. In fact, they create shortcuts and cut costs.

Horror stories abound! Most recently a passenger refused to deplane a United Flight and was forcibly removed by security personnel, suffering a broken nose, a concussion, a sinus injury requiring surgery and lost two front teeth. Of course, this is beyond the pale and outside the mainstream, but it happened because United wanted to fly its employees at the expense of paid and seated customers.

United’s financial hit included $255 million loss in market capitalization, a 57 percent drop in profits, and many credit card customers destroyed their cards. It will take years for United to recover from this shameful, unfortunate and unnecessary situation.

If you are in business, customer service matters and should be your first priority and focus.

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