Brand Power Introduction and Testimonials

What Others Say…

Ask 100 people to define “brand” and you’ll get 100 different answers, but Walker deconstructs the mythology and the  confusion into smart, translatable business ideas that focus on what matters most: results.

Chas Withers, Dix & Eaton

Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs is a just that—power! Walker decodes big business branding strategies. … A must-read for every small business owners.

Deborah Gray, Ph.D., Central Michigan University

Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs is the one book that entrepreneurs need to read this year, and then again every year. In fact, leaders at big companies should read this, too.

Gary Wells, Former Managing Director, Dix & Eaton

Walker’s laser-focused ability to create  successful strategies is the foundation of this blueprint for entrepreneurs.

Leslie Backus, APR, Leslie J. Backus, Inc.