I speak on topics related to brand, communication, leadership, marketing and executive presence. My presentation will be customized to meet your organization’s unique requirements. My goal is to engage your audience through the delivery of actionable knowledge in a highly interactive, entertaining and conversational-style using real-world examples that are relatable and executable.

My most requested topics are outlined below. These topics can be presented as a keynote or a workshop. I also offer half-day and full-day seminar programs for several topics. Don’t see a topic you would like, let’s talk.


Perfect Pitch: Keys to Winning More Business

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, creating customer value is essential for winning new business. Optimizing sales and marketing activities and employing precision customer cultivation, acquisition and activation strategies are significant drivers to increase sales volume, differentiate products and services, create competitive advantages that win more business and accelerate growth.

Available Formats: Keynote, Workshop and Half-day Seminar

Renee Walker Speaks Burn Bridges

Success Requires Burning a Few Bridges

Conventional wisdom tells us never to burn bridges as we may need to cross them again. There are defining moments that require bucking convention to succeed. Renée Walker learned this invaluable lesson firsthand as an executive with multimillion and billion-dollar organizations. Knowing when and how to strategically burn bridges without harming yourself is necessary to create the life you want.

Available Formats: Keynote and Workshop

Renee Walker Speaks Relationship Power

Relationship Power! The Art and Science of Winning New Business

Love it or hate it, relationship building is an essential component of successful customer acquisition and retention programs and for sustainable business growth. Learn how to develop and enhance relationships, leverage a network, and attract more opportunities.

Available Formats: Keynote and Workshop

How to Attract Awesome Talent with a Powerful Employer Brand

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, attracting the best in-demand talent for your business requires savvy marketing and a powerful employer brand. Learn the game-changing brand strategies to win the war for talent.

Available Formats: Keynote, Workshop and Half-Day or Full-Day Seminar

Renee Walker Speaks Executive Presence

Executive Presence: The Secret X-Factor of Highly Successful People

Commanding a room, influencing and engaging individuals are critically important skills employed by extremely successful leaders, CEOs and influencers. Develop the composure, connection, charisma, confidence, credibility and clarity to work a room and make a memorable impression that promotes your business or elevates your career.

Available Formats: Keynote, Workshop and Half-Day Seminar

Leading Future Forward

Learn why leading future forward is critically important, how to employ your unique leadership strengths, to develop stakeholder-specific strategies that accelerate collaboration for greater impact and to engage, empower and energize your team members and peers.

Available Formats: Keynote, Workshop and Full-Day Seminar

Renee Walker Speaks Leading Authentically

Authentically Leading from the Middle

Middle managers are integral to the success of every organization. Developing the critical thinking, communication and leadership capabilities are required to empower their teams, to engage their peers, to effectively influence their executive team and to make significant contributions toward the organization’s profitability.

Available Formats: Keynote, Workshop and Half-Day or Full-Day Seminar

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