Tech-Savvy or Human Touch: Is ChatGPT Good for Your Brand Experience?

This month, I’ve shared articles about developing, optimizing and leveraging your company brand as a well-thought-out and executed business strategy is the cornerstone of successful businesses. It’s no secret that competition remains fierce, and consumers and customers are savvier than ever. A positive and memorable brand experience has never been more critical.

As business leaders and owners, we’re always searching for the strategies, resources and technologies to streamline and enhance our performance and productivity while reducing costs. With the rise of technology, ChatGPT and chatbots have become popular tools for companies to communicate with their customers, create marketing materials and perform routine tasks quickly and efficiently.

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The C-Suite Newsletter Apr 2023

Lead Future Forward

In this issue, I explore future-forward leadership, celebrate three phenomenal women leaders who shaped, supported and continue to inspire me every day and share several strategies to level up your leadership game.

Although a consensus definition for future-forward leadership has yet to exist, I define it as a leader's ability to focus themselves and their team on the infinite opportunities and unlimited possibilities to think differently, embrace calculated risks and move beyond the status quo to transformative innovation.

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The C-Suite Newsletter Mar 2023

Address the DEI Elephant in the Room

In this issue, I share the benefits of authentically engaging multicultural and culturally diverse communities, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ+) communities. I also share strategies to successfully engage culturally diverse communities, navigate internal leadership challenges and nurture an equitable and inclusive work culture.

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The C-Suite Feb 2023 Cover

Introducing The C-Suite

Welcome to The C-Suite! My monthly newsletter was created to share actionable advice and strategies on business, brand, leadership, and marketing communications.In this inaugural issue, I share strategies to boost your momentum, energy and enthusiasm now and throughout the year. I also highlight the advice of iconic entrepreneurs who offer pragmatic and actionable success habits.

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